Having made my debut with some degree of sucess as thebluebride… I decided to reincarnate myself. Also because it’s kind of impossibe to be anonymous on msn spaces and recent events have prompted me to ponder the benefits of anonymity – freedom to write what one wants without worrying that one’s boss or life partner will find it and fire/divorce one. The convenient thing about msn spaces was that one’s friends would be reminded by the star popping up next to one’s name on thier chat-list that one had updated and then out of curiosity/utter boredom might actually read one’s ramblings. However, since I went private I began to miss the wider audience (if ever there was one) and also I now read so many blogger blogs and am sick and tired of leaving comments without shamelessly being able to promote my own.

Ok… I don’t know whether anyone was really interested in the above but felt the need to state it anyway – for the record and all that.

The tragic thing is that I have been alienated from thebluebride by virtue of the very complicated process I undertook to ensure absolute anonymity at the time – which involved setting up a fake email and entering fake info into that so that there could be no trace to me except for the obvious similarities to my life. Unfortunately, now when I go back to that website I am unable to log in and my masterpiece (typos and spelling errors et al) has pretty much shaken itself from my clutches and I am compelled to gaze upon it like any other visitor. So much for the work taking on a life of its own and all that.

I seemed to have some degree of success in regaining control when I attempted to migrate to the new login system but that illusion was shortlived. It turned out my connection with that blog has been ultimately severed because no trace of it remains in the new account – except for the fact that I still mysteriously retain the signiture ‘The Bride’ – which I shall keep just to thumb by nose at the incompetents who let this happen. Also, because it’s a cool signature even if I am technically more like The Wife (eww) than The Bride and because it lets me cling on to the last link with the blog and all the ingeniuity I put into it (not much but a lot of people thought so).

I am still trying a couple of inept maneuvers to wiggle my way back into that blog but if anyone who hasn’t seen it wants to know what the hell I’m going on about visit thebluebride.blogspot.com

OK this would make it an interesting study in the artist’s inability to get go of his/HER creation but I’m not going to provide anymore fodder for Freudian analysis.

Maybe it is fate telling me to close that chapter (as if!) and to get on with my life. Anyway, I was hoping to entitle this sequel something quirky like thepinklady but it turns out a) someone else had the same idea b) i am not entirely certain that pink is the colour that defines me. At the time I wrote thebluebride, that was the defining colour though somewhere along the line I seem to have shifted hues to pink and then paled into a white. White was shortlived and I ocassionally transform into a black and a red. Anyway, the long and short of it is that characterising my self as a colour was becoming disconcertingly hard and anyway, blogger denied me the name and I decided to stick to the charade thing, which anyway seems to the story of my life.