So after the initial enthusiasm for setting this up, I found myself in super work crunch which leaves me no time for proper time pass. My life over the past week has been thus:

I hate BSE; I love NSE
I love BSE; I love NSE
I hate NSE
I hate BSE and NSE

This relates to a story I am attempting to write on consolidation among stock exchanges (!!!) and my interractions with the PRs of both exchanges. I should entitle the story of my life “I hate PRs” but then suddenly they will perk up when you’re least expecting it and be helpful.

Strangely, I do not hate writers anymore – simply because they are being good and submitting stories on time (sort of) – but that could change anytime.

In other news, set out on weekend to go to a fun fair – not because I really wanted to get cheap thrills on giant wheel and the like but because I wanted to win giant teddy bear that I keep seeing Chinese kids holding in the trains, obviously won through fun fair. V has pointed out that it might be simpler to actually buy toy but that might be kind of embarassing. Anyway hardly likely that I would personally win toy but I’m sure V could, boys being better at these things (because they kept playing cricket long after we stopped – so not an anti-feminist statement).

Anyway when we got there, fun fair looked too crowded said V, the original champion of fun fair rides. Instead we did the second best thing and went shopping. I have acquired a new coat, with rabbit fur trimming. I am not sure how I feel about the rabbit fur – on one hand, did not want to be sporting cheap synthetic trimming, on the other, am truly sorry for rabbit whose hair went towards my coat. I can only hope that rabbit was killed for other purpose – justification given to me with regards to horse skin bag.

Ok this is turning out to be a long post and actually have work so ta!