Last weekend was shopping weekend. I didn’t intend it that way. Which of course is the story of my life, but especially true of shopping expeditions. I never expect them, they just happen.

So, we set out to Causeway Bay to get V’s MP3 player fixed – on the way he tried selling it to some very local people with cardboard signs on the road (I don’t know why he bothers – one guy offered him HK$50). On the tram there he kind of pissed me off and I was in the kind of mood that can only be solved by smoking, which of course I couldn’t do because it would have resulted in my tantrum being overpowered by a tantrum from V and if there’s one think I can’t stand, it’s tantrum-hijacking. I could have stuffed my face but a) the weather-which-can’t-decide-whether-to-hot-or-cold has screwed my throat b) I seriously don’t want to put on any weight so I guess the only option was retail. I kind of had that feeling in my bones that I was going to go out and splurge and to my credit, I did try to hold it off.

Unfortunately, while V was buying some weird mango drink, I nipped into the shop next door which was selling sunglasses. I vaguely needed a new pair because my existing one – but from Barcelona so cool – are showing signs of wear and tear. The shop had one of the rare nice shop girls/assistants/whatever they’re called – they’re usually super snooty in HK – and she encouraged me to “just look around”. This is completely dangerous as she pretty much knew – because the classic way to deal with a shopper like me is to acknowledge my presence so that I “feel the love” as my friend E says, while backing off so that I am not scared off by buy-something pressure vibes. In fact, she very helpfully kept handing me designs to try in a very no-pressure-to-buy kind of way. Of course, then, I had to buy soemthing. I’m quite peverse that way. So I landed up with my first purchase of the day – a new pair of trendy sunglasses (HK$288 – kind of steep, for me, strictly a roadside sunglass shopper for fear of losing or breaking the expensive ones).

One would think that at 8pm it’s time to call it a day shopping-wise; I at least certainly thought so which is why I bought the sunglasses in the first place – as a pick-me-up with no possibility of future purchases that day. However, when we hopped on the minibus and landed in Citiplaza (the mall near our house) we found that there were no movie options apart from strange Canto ones. We ended up finding a new theatre but unfortunately – and obviously intentionally – the path there is through a mall. So, while waiting for the show to start one cannot help but browse.

What did me in was that I spotted a couple of jackets that I had tried on the previous week and sort of wasn’t over yet. So I had to check them out again. There was a bright red one and a yellow one – which was thinner and made sense for summer (since winter is almost over). By then, I had practically decided I was going to get one but the question was – which? While pondering that we (and V is not entirely blameless here) happened to spot a girl trying on a really great winter jacket. So of course I just had to try it on. And it was perfect. But it was a winter jacket which really makes no sense now – although buying it at half price and saving it for next year is almost thrifty.

And then the shopgirl came over and said “If you guy three, you get 10% off”. So V (partially sick of me agonizing and also fearful that we would miss the beginning of Hanibal 2) said “Just get all three”. Which was just the kind of remark I had been waiting to here all my life. And then the shopgirl said “If you buy 10 dollars more you can get our VIP card with great discounts”… And honestly, the discounts were great.

But we had to rush to the movie so we ended up going back the next day and of course, there was nothing worth $10 in the shop. In fact, barely anything worth $100. So I ended up buying an admittedly cute dress for $174. To my credit, I resisted attempt to be sold on extremely smart jacket and white cardigan. For some reason, the shopgirls were extremely nice and friendly and kept showing me excellent choices and not coming on too strong. Though while attempting to get me to buy additional merchandise she did say: “Of course the price is good but it’s not the price. You really must have this jacket, you really need it.” Which was a bit funny because a jacket is not oxygen – though fairly close.

Anyway that is how I landed up with:
One pair of trendy sunglasses +
One red winter/summer almost-casual jacket +
One summer yellow jacket
One thick winter jacket with fur trimming and hood +
One summer dress+
One Japanese watch (not very expensive and I really needed it)