It is so refreshing to finally have a meeting with banker women.

The meeting was last week but I had mixed it up and had got dressed for it two weeks before that. I had chosen my outfit with care – red capris and white shirt – and I looked kind of smashing. “Red pants. Cool” was the comment from the guy who sits behind me and perenially submits his stories a week beyond the deadline, thus contributing to my ulcer problem. Anyway, last week, could not dredge up anything similarly striking in terms of outfit, especially since I was stuck on wearing my grey coat with rabbit trimming for one last time before winter slipped away.

So walked into office with grey half-sleeve linin shirt (because it matched grey coat) and four-year-old trousers (as in that’s how long ago I bought them, or was it longer) and strange hair that at least decided to sit down properly and not stick up Canto moppet style.

About ten minutes later, while I was scurrying around trying to get some work in before meeting (which I had decided was going to be useless already – but of course, boss insists that I sit in on it) we hear cheery “Hiiis” and a flock of women – well four – whoosh in. Really, it was like a breath of fresh air.

They were incredibly well dressed. One was in a Channel black and white checked shrug (yes! i have voluntarily uttered ‘shrug’). She was the sweet on – Joyce. The big boss Cynthia was in an excellently cut jacket with some kind of modern art print in grey, black and silver inside. The attractive thing about her – apart from being smart, fun and able to make a marketing pitch while not making you want to vomit – was her hair. I have never seen such an incredibly good cut. Short but enough there to play with – just the kind I have often tried to explain to hairdressers I would like to have but which I have never achieved until growing out. Operating the laptop was Evelyn. Have saved her for last because she was stunning and new it. Was in a grey dress with red trimming, had the tiniest waist I have ever seen and long red nails and matching tall-making pumps and patent leather tote. She also had waist length lustrous hair and that she kept flicking it to the intended awe of my boss and guy who sits behind me (whom I was sitting in between for good measure).

I wish I had saved the red capris.

The last woman was Malaysian and was the least attractive of the four. To give her some rope, she had a cold. And her hair was sticking this way and that – not bad but showed up in comparison to her peers. I remember idly thinking – I hope I come across as turned out better.

Anyway, apart from the clothes – which were so fun to look at when my mind was wandering – was that the meeting was good chat, as my friend E would say. We were laughing every few minutes – it was like a party. And they managed to convey enough information to give me at least two story ideas. Even though they were the marketing side.

Moral of the sotry: more bankers should be women.