Amazingly, or not, we are still not done. I keep saying – we will be done in the morning, somewhat pathetically actually believing that we will be. And then the people who are normally so efficient begin to look like tortoises and the slow methodical ones get frantic and my boss keeps nitpicking from Singapore and I think I want to die.

Only just yesterday I was thinking – while idly taking a pee at 11 pm because I was still in the office at 11 pm – that on this vacation (on which I have unfortunatly pledged to work) I will dream up ways in which to be more creative with the magazine instead of just forcing it out every month like an unwanted foetus (or like a wanted one, from what I hear they both require the same amount of forcing). However, now I am just like – fuck them all.

If it ever gets done – I will let you all know.