So in follow up to the ‘how lame am I’ post (which was not meant to be a ‘how lame single people are’ post as was misinterpreted by some now mildly offended people) I must recount the non-events (or sort of events) of the past few days (I can never remember whether my boss prefers ‘last’ or ‘past’ or ‘about’ or ‘around’ for that matter. Hmmm)

On Tuesday, we were sitting at Yum Cha (traditionally brunch but actually lunch, where you go to a restaurant with a circular table – the middle of which moves – and waitresses throw dim sum at you) when Chinese Girl who I will call May (because her name is an anagram for May and both May and her name are very common – ok I’ve given out enough clues) asked me when I go to bed. Have no idea why this is considered polite, or even interesting, social chitchat but many things are lost in translation out here.

Anyway I could have lied and said 11 but
a) I couldn’t be arsed to try to impress people with how cool I am
b) I like to shock people out of their coolio comfort zones in such ironic ways
I said 9 pm. Ok I lied. I actually go to sleep at 9.30 pm.

May wasn’t sure she heard correctly (I swear I think she’s deaf – it can’t be ALL our accents that she can’t comprehend) while E gave me a look (you are a sad sad person look).

Anyway, to prove this point, yesterday I had to go over to someone’s house and drop off something to be taken to India. Yes, how typical – I find myself in the position of ‘sending things’ to India with people who are flying there like every Indian person I used to smirk at in the past. Anyway, Indian friend said why don’t you stay for dinner and after a little coaxing I agreed – since I don’t cook, I love staying for dinner though I have no problem if the hosts order and I pay for it also. Anything to bypass the latent guilt of not cooking.

Then she calls back and says other Indian friend has suggested that we all meet for dinner but they can only make it at 8.30 so why don’t we meet for a drink first at 7.30. Now, this is how lame I am:
a) I don’t want to have a drink
b) I especially don’t want to have a drink without eating first
c) I eat dinner at 7 and don’t want to snack in order to eat dinner later
d) I don’t want to stay out late
But I don’t see how I can wiggle out of this considering that I have already agreed to dinner at her place. I finally end up skipping the drink and meeting for dinner at 8.30 after austerely consuming a bun at 6.30.

Dinner turns out to be great fun as dinner with Indian friends always is. We go to Malaysian restaurant where practically all the food is Indian and the Indian roti chef gives us a free triangular sweet roti as a dessert.

Then Indian friend is telling us about her plans (for all of us) for this weekend which include a party at some club on Saturday night in honour of her birthday and then on to some nightclub where an Indian DJ is playing. Again, I am unenthusiastic because:
a) I’m not enthused by Indian DJ (especially one I have not heard of)
b) I don’t want to spend $180 on Indian DJ I have not heard of
c) I want to go to bed by 11

How pathetic is that? And it turns out the Indian DJ starts playing at 12. Thankfully, I can wiggle out of this one by blaming work. At least my job is of some use, if only for facilitating my non-life.