It’s over! It’s finally over. One more magazine in the bag.

I’ve been waiting to say this since Tuesday. But the I had to check the prints. And then I had to check the blueprint. The actual copy will only be out next week (hopefully error free). It’s the end of the month… but ah well!

Anyway, right away I’m working on a story which is not typically the kind of thing in the mag but the fun thing is that because I don’t have a beat (which always makes me feel slightly worthless) I can just pick and choose to write what I like. Anyway I went to this so-called roundtable where they had bunch of experts and some of us journos discussing the issue. It turned out to be just one obnoxious guy giving his spiel on the whole thing – saying arrogant things like the Chinese government is building all these ‘medieval’ coal plants and they have to keep the people employed so that they don’t rise up with sickles and bludgeons; the whole thing smacked of just Americana arrogance which hadn’t at all been improved by actually living in China which he claimed to have done – and then another guy aggressively pursuing questions like the smartest boy in the class. None of us could get a word in edgewise or felt too intimidated to. I wonder why it’s always white people who behave like this. God, I’m turning into quite the little racist.

Yesterday, after the longest time went out for a drink with V and one of his friends. Though I could feel sore throat coming on, drank frozen margaritas and had long arguments on everything from Putin to whether India’s growth story will last. Turned out he was in IIM C, which explains all the talk. V was compelled to say the odd intelligent thing too.

Got home at midnight just before we could turn into pumkins. Feel exhausted today. I wonder if it’s possible for me to stay up till two anymore