The air in HK is turning so stifling that I can barely breathe. We’re at 95% humidity so even if the sun is not shining – which it is again – it’s like living in a cloud (or shroud – whichever is worse). Add PMS to that and you have a lethal combination. I was exhausted yesterday from the time I got up.

But I was determined to clean and ended up breaking V’s uber-expensive Longines watch. This led to a screaming match. I acknowledge that I am clumsy but I think V should just accept that and get on with his life instead of acting like an overbearing parent. As I pointed out, I didn’t sit on his head when he broke the glass on the bathroom window or when his mobile phone dropped into the elevator shaft. I find that I do tend to gloat more and more when these things happen just to even out the score and I really don’t want to be that kind of person. But V comes from a very control-freaky brood.

Anyway, there’s only one way to soothe one’s nerves and lift one’s spirits. Shopping – uh, I mean contributing to the economy and society (indirectly through helping unemployment etc).

I never realised how effective the VIP cards that shops have are. Because I have a VIP card at this particular shop in the department store – every time we go there, I feel obliged to pop in. And the salesgirls there are so nice – they keep bringing me stuff and telling me I’m so beautiful (true) and slim (no longer true). I always end up buying something even though I was supposed to be just looking. Now, the girls have taken to teaching me Cantonese – presumably because they think that since I’m going to come by every week, they might as well make their lives easier so as to be able to “advise me better” as one wee little thing put it, while urging me to try on “just one more dress”.

Ended the day with:

1) Slim black slightly short (intentionally – that’s the fashion now) trousers
2) Amazing beige skirt ( a little tight but they didnt have my exact size and I had to have it)
3) Polka dot dress ( that I have been lusting after since last week)
4) Black summer dress (sounds like an oxymoron but it’s not) which I got free (so-called) in the buy 1 get 1 scheme
5) Weary credit card.

The best news is that yesterday was a holiday and I only have to work today (which feels like a holiday – I am wearing the bottoms of my trousers rolled, J. Alfred would be proud of me, or would he?) and – and then we’re back to the weekend. I have tickets booked for the latest Pirates of the Carribean. Yayy.

Also glad to report that Jordan won American Idol (thank god not Blake – i felt a bit sorry for him at the end) though I am still sulking about Melinda getting kicked off. Also, even though I am hooked onto American Idol thanks to my lame life, I cannot forgive Star World for cancelling The Apprentice last night without warning.