So bright and early this morning went for the latest Pirates of the Carribean. Here I must confess that I actually have not watched the first movie on big screen so cannot say whether I liked that better or not – in fact, have not managed to watch that completely on small screen because somehow it does not work at all on small screen and actually comes across as faintly ridiculous. However, I LOVED the second part. We had gone for a night show – and given that I am often in bed by 9, I am not a night show person – and we were sitting on the fourth row or something but the movie was sooo brilliant that I didn’t feel a bit sleepy. I think I was the only person in our group who actually caught the Heart of Darkness reference but that didn’t seem to detract from anyone else’s enjoyment.

The third movie is highly entertaining but I don’t think as good as the second. For one, it doesn’t have an underlying literary reference for me to smirk over (or at least I didn’t catch it). I think it has a gender thing going – the binding of the goddess and the captain thing (can’t be more specific for fear of spoiling it for everyone else). It also has references to the absurd and madness which is new. The dialogue remains as hilarious as ever. And even though a lot of it must have been shot in a set or digitally created, there are still some beautiful shots of the ocean.

In the tradition of every Hollywood blockbuster these days, some of the plot had to do with Chinese people. This time I think the Singapore government paid them to mention Singapore as much as possible – quite a coup. Weirdly though the Chinese people (ostensibly from Singapore) were speaking Cantonese – I think that’s a bit inauthentic. Though V claims that Chinese people in Singapore also speak Cantonese, I am convinced Mandarin is the dominant Chinese spoken there. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know, because this is one of those things that is going to bug me.

Anyway, I found myself thinking – why Singapore, why not Hong Kong, in the classic SGX vs HK contest. So I must be becoming more attached to HK than I thought. In fact, yesterday I was reading something about some old guy fighting to save the pier and had this huge rush of affection for HK. Hmmmm…

I think one of the best things about the movie is that Keira Knightly looks horrible. They even make her wear a silly hat. Earlier it was a real ethical dilemma because I know everyone is supposed to hate her but I actually thought she was very beautiful. So thankfully now that has been resolved.