Apart from Pirates, I actually had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday evening met up with friend from college who was visiting HK for a quick coffee. While V was at home, he cooked crab. I had been vehemently opposing this because HK has this propensity for ‘freshness’ aka selecting a live animal and then having it killed in front of you or worse killing it yourself. In the case of crab, I was pretty sure it would be the latter because I had heard that crabs are normally killed when you boil them. See, I am very conflicted about eating animals – at the very least, they must not be recognizable as an animal when I am eating them and defintely not killed before me. The thought of my kitchen being the site of some poor crabbie boiling away to its death I cannot stomach. I know this is hipocritcal because it’s not like I’m veggie or I’m not going to eat crabs at all but I just don’t want to be personally associated with the murder of them.

Anyway, thankfully when I got home I was informed by V that the crabs were put to death in the shop itself. He had fried them in butter and garlic and I have to say they were yummy.

Anyway, on Sunday I had a cultural expedition plan. We went over to the Hong Kong Museum of Art for two exhibitions. The first was an exhibition of paintings of Lin Fengmian curated jointly with the Shanghai Museum of Art. I’m sure Lin is as famous in China as MF Husain is in India but I had never heard of him. However, the paintings were breathtaking. I am realising the kind of art I like:
1) Modern
2) Not landscapes or stills, generally people
3) Exagerrated people in the style of Modigliani
4) Bold colours a la Picasso or at least the Impressionists

Anyway google Lin Fengmian and see some of the paintings – they’re really cool.

The other exhibition was called Chinglish and inspired by the run-ins between Chinese and English. It was contemporary with video installations etc. I find this kind of post-modern art amusing and cool but I cannot stand and stare. Entire exhibition was covered in 1/5th the time of the Lin one. Of course, that had an audio guide and it was perfectly curated so took longer. When will Indian museums learn about audio guide – have they already? Haven’t been to one in ages.

In the evening, one of V’s friends came over and we watched the F1. It’s fun to have people over to show off the house but we’re too lazy to. Also, we cannot fit a lot of people in at one time so we end up just getting stuck at the who-to-call stage. Also, since we cannot cook have to immediately suffer a mark-down. The good thing about people coming over is one is compelled to clean thoroughly and have everything looking spiffy.

However, despite my best efforts and a sore throat and feverishness, was informed by V the next morning that I had left my underwear hanging behind the door in the guest bathroom. Hmph!