I have resolved the dilemma of the Singapore Chinese people speaking Cantonese. E, who is just back from a trip to Singapore and who also adores Pirates, said that she too found it odd because the dominant Chinese in Singapore is Mandarin. However, May said there are some Cantonese people in Singapore, but I don’t think enough to account for the representative Chinese in the film speaking Canto. Unless they were suggesting that all the Cantos in Singapore are pirates – hmph! A double slight after the choosing Singapore over HK one. E’s theory is that maybe it’s because Chow Yun-Fat (a Canto actor Ha!) speaks Cantonese but that’s pretty lame because then again, didn’t he speak Mandarin in Crouching Donkey – sorry Tiger (Note to self: Watch Crouching Whatever so one can be a cool person).

OK why am I so bothered about all this. It’s not like I speak either language. However I did spot the Singapore/Canto pirates saying “Fai di la!”.