Honestly, it’s exhausting living without one’s husband.

Yesterday sat in office with a bludgeoning hangover, glaring balefully at computer until noon where I could decently go to lunch. Hangovers make you so hungry – I ate a whole box of rice and Thai red curry – and then you feel sick because you’ve eaten so much. It’s an unending cycle.

And to top it off I had made plans to meet girl who I vaguely knew in college who is now in HK. Was seriously considering cancelling but she had got in touch so long ago that I didn’t have the heart to. Anyway despite exhaustion, I braved it downtown.

Turned out to be fun. We had dinner and chatted and we have stuff in common so was fine. Will definitely meet up again. And kind people who know my husband is not in town keep adopting me – calling me to go out drinking basically – and I had to turn everyone down.

Got home, crawled into bed and was really really hard to get up this morning.