Yesterday was highly entertaining for the simple reason that was having time pass yet profound conversation with CurlieGirlie online all day. I would have posted the convo if I had saved it. Highlights were:
1) The easiest way to get over a man is REBOUND. (Or as E pointed out later – you won’t necessarily get over the man but it sure as hell makes you feel better). Since CurlieGirlie points out that in order to do that you have to meet man to get over (and on) with I had to lay down a simple three-step process:
a) Pick a bar
b) Smile back at the three guys who will inevitably be checking you out after ascertaining that they are halfway decent. (Note ‘halfway’ and not necessarily suberb or smashing).
c) Make conversation with the guys as they come over. Give them your number and date will follow.

E added a fourth step – d) Kiss the boy. But that could come later.

2) To CurlieGirlie’s protestation that it is too boring to make conversation, I must insist that since boy in question is only supposed to be thought of as distraction and not life partner, set your standards accordingly. And remember, most guys are not brilliant conversationists (and as E pointed out – the one’s that are are too slutty to be trusted) so give them two weeks (ie – three dates) to warm up. If they are still boring as hell after that, chuck them.

3) The whole process must be approached in the spirit of shopping. Sometimes you do buy stuff you are not entirely in love with just because you’re bored.

E and I continued this discussion over lunch. The conversation moved towards the inherent sluttiness of men in HK who are commonly known to:
1) Hit on two women (could be friends) at the same time
2) Hit on women who know they are married
3) Continue to wear their wedding rings while hitting on women and claim that it’s honesty
4) Answer the question “are you dating someone” with “I’m not really sure”

Went back to office, where picked up convo with Curly (the girlie bit is too long). I am trying to get people to migrate to Facebook and Curly refuses to because everyone she wants to stalk is on orkut. Which reminded me that I have people to stalk on orkut too. So Curly kindly guided me on how to go about it. I first gave invisibility a try on V’s page because:
a) If I showed up there, he wouldn’t really think anything of it
b) I am convinced he deletes scraps from his exes/other women I don’t like (in case anyone is wondering why I would be stalking my own husband)

Stalking V was pretty pointless because there was nothing of interest there. So went on to other exes. Curly finds it very amusing that we all pretty much only stalk our exes – but I think it’s perfectly natural. What I don’t find natural is my ex chatting with all my friends on orkut while ignoring me. Curly says that they didn’t know he wasn’t chatting with me so I told her that the next time he does she should expressly ask why he’s ignoring me – and watch his wife decimate him.

I then decided to create Facebook account and am very excited with it. I now have to get everyone else to agree to migrate and I know that’s going to be a long and painful process. Also why does everyone look so bloody hot on facebook – and also flaunt their uni abroad as their defining factor? (Curly you have to join you have too!!!)

Just as my butt was beginning to ache from sitting down, E and I went to a cocktail party. We were the only two people whose arms were on display, everyone else being in jackets, largely black with the odd daring woman in pink. I have purposely taken to wearing at least sleeveless tops to these events to thumb my nose at boring formality. We proceeded to look beautiful and have people come over and talk to us.

Sample conversation:
Guy (who I initially thought was staff from the club where the event was being held): Where are you from (this said with some urgency).
Me: (name of the mag I work from)
He: No where are you from?
Me: (repeat name of magazine while wondering whether he thinks I’m gatecrashing) It’s a magazine.
He: Yes but where are you from? (really – he should try another question since I clearly am not getting it)
Me: Oh India
He: Oh I thought you were Brazilian (looking at my name tag)
Me: (noticing his Brazilian name) Oh! No, I’m from India
He: Goa?
Me: (very impressed) Yes…
He: Do you speak Portuguese

And we proceeded to bond the entire evening. Of course he turned out to be married but that didn’t stop him hitting on E. Really! I think it’s the air in HK that turns men into this.

Went home and lay on couch waiting for V. Finally got fed up and went to bed. Woke up to noise in the hall… Go out and discover V has come home!

Elation is quickly tempered. The first thing he says to me: “Why the fuck can’t you check the mailbox? It was overflowing.”

I walk back into the bedroom, slam the door and lock it.

We make up later. But have not entirely forgiven him – though difficult to sustain real pissed-offness due to general meltiness over him actually being back in my bed.