The moral question now facing women in Hong Kong is this:

Is it better to have the man hitting on you:
a) Remove his ring and pretend he’s not married
b) Keep his ring on and claim he’s being honest.

I’m not yet sure which side I fall on but when I resolve this crushing ethical dilemma, will let you know.

Another thing that really gets me is when my boss schedules a meeting for 6 pm. Even more irritating is when I am informed of the meeting but not really what this is about and how I am expected to contribute.

Contrary to what Curly says… it’s not JUST because I wanted to leave on time. (not EARLY… On time.)

Anyway, this time I emailed my boss and was like (very politely): “Can you update me on what exactly this meeting is about?” And he sent back this very patronizing mail on how it’s important for me to attend so that I can “learn” – some shite. And then 10 minutes later he sends round an email saying he’s pushing the meeting forward to 5.30. Hmmmm…

Against my better judgement and my oh-so-tired bones, I allowed myself to be convinced to go out drinking (again!). V had told an old (crazy) friend that he would meet up. So we drag ourselves down to LKF (dressing up has become increasingly stressful for me because I can’t find anything that makes me look like my former thin self) and wait around for an hour till this guy shows up.

I have decided that it’s impossible to drink anything other than cocktails in this weather. In the absence of margaritas the drink of choice was appletinis – I think they could just be nicer than margaritas. Evening was OK – I kind of find V’s friends a bit judgemental in the cool stakes. Sometimes you manage to strike upon something interesting to say but otherwise you’re constantly being pulled up for looking sleepy or not being fun enough. Gah!