Today was historic.

I did something I have never done, that I have resisted doing for 20 years. OK 15. Whatever.

I joined a gym.

After years of insisting that I would rather excercise at my own pace outside (I actually still maintain this), that I find the idea of running on a machine in an air conditioned surrounding sterile, that if I managed to overcome the above two objections, I would never actually end up using a gym and would just be wasting my money.

But when your double chin begins to take over your identity, then as Willy Loman’s wife said in Death Of A Salesman “Attention must be paid”.

So after spending the entire day alternating between the couch and bed with breaks only for toiliet and food, we dragged ourselves over the the gymn two blocks away and registered. I think we got a pretty good deal – I can do 200 special classes (such as tai chi, yoga, step aerobics, pilates), use the steam and sauna and of course the gym. My plan is to bypass the gym altogether because the tedium of running on a machines with only other machines with or without people to look at reminds me of The Matrix and would probably not get me out of the house every day – or even thrice a week.

Having got the best deal possible, we promptly went down and got some dinner. And then went to the mall and got groceries.

Hopefully all this food will be worked off in the coming weeks – er months.