I am fascinated by the gym. I have never been to a proper gym before, having joined a really small one in India only for the aerobics class. Which was ok except they played bhangra music which I hate.

My intention with this gym was to join only the classes. So the first day I went to step aerobics – which was fun but also madness because I couldn’t get any of the steps. Luckily I was prepared for this because at the previous gym too I noticed that it takes some time for newcomers to pick up – and there the instructor was right in front of you instead of up on a platform with a mike. Also I totally get what they say about not doing step aerobics if you have knee problems – I don’t even have knee problems and I could feel the pressure.

Although I felt that the workout hadn’t been too stressful, my legs were in agony the next day. So yesterday, the plan was to only do half an hour on the treadmill. I always thought the treadmill would be kind of boring but when you’re on it – once you get over the sensation that you’re going to fall off if you let go of the bar – the time passes really quickly. Especially since it has a timer, a calorie counter and a heart rate measurer. So I kept checking these vital things and pressing buttons and when I came off I had burnt 90 calories.

Then I went to look for V and realised that he was in the aerobics class. So I joined too and by the end of it my legs were like lead. Totally unnecessary.

The best part of the gym is the steam room. I think I only go to the gym motivated by the thought of sitting practically naked in the steam. It’s the most beautiful thing.

I’m also fascinated by the way people treat the gym like an extension of home. In the locker room and shower area especially everyone is walking around in their underwear or less, calmly drying their hair (with hairdryers provided by the gym), even applying face packs. It’s perfectly normal to be fully clothed or naked or somewhere in between and nobody gives you a second look either way.

Outside there’s an area to watch TV or read magazines. So there are people catching up on their favourite sitcoms – in Canto unfortunately. I guess these are just ways to get people to spend more time there.

I’m wondering how long all this will last for me. I had no idea one could actually join for only two months.