It’s that time of the month again. I’m pushing out the mag and going mad.

Example of surreal discussion surrounding the selection of the cover design. It’s on clearing and settlement (don’t worry about what that is – it’s dead boring and I’m not entirely certain if the person who wrote the story – to be referred to as Mental Moron (aka MM) – knows either). I have come up with idea of a jigsaw to represent the coming together of the various regions clearing and settlement.

MM: But that’s so cliched. All the finance magazines look like that.
Me: Uh like which one?
Boss: yeahhh maybe it will look like a corporate brochure
MM: Let’s have a trading floor
Me (to self): gee whizz that’s soooo original
(to the room): Yeah fine let’s do that
(to self): and get over with this if you can actually find a tradining floor photo
Boss: Oooh let me look.
(Searches google images… nothing… nothing…nada… nothing)
Boss: Though of course they don’t really have trading floors like that anymore
Me (to self): yes, and I’ve tried finding a pic for the past 12 months and failed.
MM: Wait let’s have a sun… a sun rise… I’m thinking a red sun rising
Me: Have you seen a sunrise? It’s actually impossible to get an image like that at dawn. You’re talking about a sunset.
MM: A red sun… a red sun
Boss: Hmmm let me look
Me: I’ve got to go
(I exit the room and start checking email. Two minutes later I’m called back in)
Boss: Look look
Me: Uh why are we going to have a big red ball on the front page
Boss: Ya true we’re stretching it
MM: You know what I love – sunflowers.
(boss starts googling sunflowers. MM ooh and aahs.)
I exit the room and the building deciding that running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is preferable to discussions of sunflowers that are meant to represent clearing and settlement.