When I hit a new low or when I’m restless, I get a haircut.

I’ve thought about why I do this and I think it has something to do with remaking myself. By getting a new look, I’m getting a new me – I’m starting out again. One indication that I had attained some kind of peace was when I had the same hairstyle for nearly two years. I grew my hair out, I had the same kind of sharp-edged, trendy (hopefully) look and only went in for trims.

I guess the tip-off was when I was tempted to get my hair cut in Versailles – just for the experience – and finally succumbed in Beijing where the enthusiasm of the shampoo guy resulted in me with curly hair for two days and a birds nest look after I washed out. Which meant that I sorted it out in India when I was there on holiday.

By May I was well into my resolve to have a haircut in every new city I visited. This made it seem less like restlessness and more like – um, barborous tourism. And admittedly, I still think it’s a good idea. Sitting in a hair salon in a strange town gives you a good flavour of the place – whether the people are chatty, what kind of magazine they read, whether they like massages.

But still, I managed to not go too radical because after all, it was about the experience and not about the hair per se.

Alas, all that has ended.

Yesterday, I sat down in a salon and instructed the guy to cut it off. I guess it’s an indication of my state of mind that I didn’t hack everything off as I’ve done after say, a breakup. I went halfway so my hair is now neck length. And I didn’t just walk into the first salon that I happened to pass by but actually got a friend to call a stylist that she knows.

So welcome to the new me. I have a Chinese bob that goes one inch below my chin because I was too chicken to go shorter and wanted a way out in terms of being able to tie it back if I hated it. I must say I am not a sleek bob person – but maybe I will grow into it and actually turn into someone poised and organized.

Or as I’m suspecting, when I finally have no choice but to wash my hair it will all come crumbling down and I’ll be back battling with my blowdryer to be straight-haired and sleek.