I’m realising that job hunting is like a roller coaster. I never had to it it quite this way – actually trawling through websites, sending in a CV, not hearing anything etc. Actually maybe I did. My first job I randomly dropped off my resume – which had nothing but a few press clippings and a graduate degree – to all the contacts I had made doing PR for a college festival only to finally land a job by calling a newspaper I had never interacted with.

Anyway, got one interview lined up with the company I’ve never heard of and applied to only because I was desperate. And then I got rejected by a bank I applied to when my CV totally matched their requirements. It was a heavy blow – I cannot imagine why they would reject me without even meeting me. I was totally totally upset and down.

At the end of the day, went to check my phone and realised it was on silent and I had four missed calls, one from one of the companies I had applied to. This is one I am totally keen on getting a job at but I know I have a long way to go. They have an interview and a test etc…

And I am now actually applying to banks so who knows – I am soon be a full blown capitalist soon.