Went in for my first interview since job search started.

Wasn’t exactly sure whether I wanted this job but as I mentioned before was my desperation application. I was less sure when I finally found their building – it being quite near to my old apartment on the Western edge of Hong Kong. Yes, in HK like in any major city we are location snobs and where you have your office is an indicator of how well you’re doing.

Anyway, the office itself looked decent and had a fabulous view of the sea. I was made to fill out a long employment application form and then spent some time twiddling my thumbs until the door behind me opened and my interviewer whizzed in.

Now applying to a lifestyle magazine I expect my co-workers to be some level of bitchy, snooty, fashion conscious snobs but I am still unclear what level of this I can work with. This woman was the embodiment of something I couldn’t quite place – and then I realise it was Miranda Priestly, only Chinese which meant her accent, which strove to be airy-fairy could go kind of off. Also she wasn’t dressed in Channel or Prada or whatever which made me feel better about my Esprit shirt (not tucked in) and five-year-old black trousers.

She kept asking questions and not quite waiting for me to answer so in order for me to answer I had to sort of interupt her. I think the good that being in a business magazine has done me is that I can not be intimidated by men who are handling tons more money than she could dream of – so the editor of a fashion magazine, however scary, becomes more of a ghost of that kind of power than anything else. But working on a daily basis with that – not sure of I could handle.

Sample conversation:

Miranda: So you have children
Me: No
She: So your bore (not bored – bore. This is what I mean by ‘the accent’).
Me (ignore her)
She: (something something that I cannot remember). You don’t have children so you’re bore. Is that why you want to work?
Me: I’ve worked since I finished college. I don’t work to supplement my income. I work because I want to.
Me (thinking): This woman is more sexist than any investment banker I have ever met.