I don’t know if I mentioned this before but gymnastics is my favourite sport. Gymnastics and diving. Because you have to be fit and toned (clearly fitness only means anything to me if you have a gorgeous bod to show for it) but also the very act of the sport is aesthetic. In gymnastics and diving you are witnessing pure moments of perfection – when the body aligns itself with a trembling of every cell towards the idea form. It is as Yeats said “Beauty like a tightened bow”. At the end of it, the fact that it’s a competition makes it more fun but each individual’s performance is an event in itself.

Anyway, you never get enough of these sports on telly so was kind of cool to be able to watch gymnastics live in Hong Kong. The stadium – called the coliseum which sent a shiver down my spine – was packed to the gills with locals; V, I and one blondie and her kids were the only foreigners there. All the commentary was in Canto and Mandarin but it didn’t matter. The performances were incredible – they had gymnasts from Hong Kong and China (I think some are in their Olympic team) do both the traditional gymnastic excercises and some crowd-pleasing acrobatics. I actually liked the traditional gymnastics better because you know they are harder.
The fun part was that they gave us a bag which contained this clapper thing – so you didn’t actually have to hurt your hands clapping but just clap this thing to make an incredible din.

For dinner we went to extremely elegant restaurant for the farewell of someone both of us don’t know. Pretty ridiculous. When we entered, everyone stared and I thanked myself for insisting that V not wear shorts. Food was great though and thankfully the lady who was leaving was pretty nice and introduced herself and chatted someone. I could not get over the strangeness of it all though.

Next day went to Harry Potter movie – see sidebar – and then I dragged V around entire mall checking each and every relevant store for stuff on sale. Ended up buying just a couple of things from Mango (shorts are my new obsession) but at least my mind is now at ease.

Unfortunately, I had to do this stupid test that an investment bank had sent me. (Finally one of them has called me back). The test is very short but took entire evening to complete – and I wasn’t entirely sure there weren’t errors in there at the end – because I frankly don’t have a clue. As I laboured over the thing I felt my mind go numb and blue and wondered whether I really wanted to spend my life doing this shite. With in this case no reprieve of meeting people and making fun of them and pretending one is a journalist and so can be badly behaved.

Anyway, not really crossing my fingers on that one. Though when I got back to work on Monday, boss pissed me off again by giving in to salespeople who have no sense of planning so I’m thinking I might as well move and be better paid.