I started off trying to talk to a new friend about banking in a desperate attempt to garner material for a story I have pledged to do against my better judgement but four or was it five glasses of wine means that banking conversation dwindles.

There were two bits of wisdom that emerged from that giddy conversation but apparently while I was puking all the wine I drank and some of the pasta from my dinner, one of the bits of wisdom slipped away. So I’m just going to record the other one:

When you’re married to someone, there will be a point where everything they do will annoy you, they are driving you crazy, they may even be hurting you. But still you stay.

I always thought it was this staying that was special and that was what classified the person you were with as ‘the one’ (of sorts). However, I was told yesterday that this isn’t enough. I was asked to question what exactly it was that made me stay. And once I knew – hold that to my heart and never tell anyone.

It could be as prosaic as that the person has enough money or because the sex is great of something more. Whatever it is, you should know. Because when the crossroad comes, it’s that that will make or break your marriage.

I took about three seconds in my befuddled state to discover what is was with V. And I hug that to myself.