I had wanted to write a post simply so that the previous post slagging of V was not the first thing everyone (and V saw) if they came to check out the blog and was planning to moan on about my job search (yes still fruitlessly ongoing) when I realised I had been tagged by Su so here goes:

My favourite things (in no apparent order except for the first and second one):
1) Cocker spaniels, especially Zo
2) V in a suit, looking like an overgrown six-year-old who knows he’s hot.
3) Bubble baths
4) Lemon ice tea
5) Milk chocolate
6) Chocolate mint icecream
7) The spa thing – Facials, pedicures, massages (manicures are overrated though)
8) The Apprentice (I have to be obsessed with one TV serial and right now it’s this)
9) Chick Lit and slutty fiction from the early 90s (80s?) such as Judith Krantz and Jilly Cooper
10) My Blankie (which is still in Bombay for some reason)
11) Vogue magazine
12) Filter coffee (unavailable in Hong Kong, best available in Kamats)
13) 80s music
14) Rainy days when you’re indoors on the couch with a 1) 2) 5) and 9) – sadly unachievable because 1) is in Bombay and 2) in Hong Kong
15) Bright red polish on my toes

Since we’re doing this, here are my least favourite thing:
1) Jobs that I do not get
2) Bratty children
3) Men who think having a cock makes them superior who then flirt with you with their wedding ring on
4) Having my period
5) Waking up

I am going to turn these into a list.