Got in late to work and boss said a pointed HI.

Boss came by to ask me to do something and I was clearly doing something pointless like surfing blogs. Quickly switched windows and my personal email came up. Luckily it was open to an email of press releases. Don’t think boss was fooled though.

Boss asked me to print out something. I had no clue where that was. When boss went away, asked the guy in front of me and luckily he had it and I was able to look super efficient by making two copies.

The meeting turns out to be be about planning an editorial schedule. It was to decide stories for the upcoming year. Which makes absolutely no sense. So we’re like randomly – ok let’s do m&a in october or whatever. But isn’t this supposed to be news driven? What if the M&A stuff happens in August – do you put it off till October by which time it makes no sense. Hmmm. But apparently all magazines do this. I gained no brownie points with boss by pointing this out.

In my lunch hour went for job interview. I used to mechanically apply for jobs and get excited when the interview happened. Now having gone to so many interviews that lead to nothing, I have become less excited. I go them as mechanically as I click off my resume – and just about to muster up enthusiasm during by pepping myself up in the half hour before.

This one went well and I have another round in a couple of weeks.

So now my entire lunch hour has gone and I haven’t eaten anything and I’m starving. So I decide to get something quick like a sandwich. Unfortunately, the place where I got the sandwich was so full there was nowhere to sit down. So I got takeout. Then I get to office and E is like: “So did you have a hot date?” and I’m like “yes” and dont’ elaborate. So odd. And then I proceed to eat my sandwich hoping nobody will notice and then E stands up. Erm. I proceed to munch as if it’s normal to be eating lunch after I had just eaten lunch.

Finally, the mag arrives. I flick through to assure that all headlines are there – and by there I mean existant – and then just go back to what I’ve been doing. I’m sure someone else will find errors which inevitably exist. Two minutes boss is near me frowning and showing me the cover. I nearly have a heart attack. An error on the cover will top all previous errors. It turns out that he is unhappy with apostrophes. With punctuation. When so much else could be wrong – doesn’t he see that?

I proceeed to explain why s’s is correct. He proceeds to show me style guides which make no sense. He is irritating me beyond measure, and proving that he doesn’t know English and is not capable of logical thought.

In the middle of this, annoying salesperson comes to whine about why we have not published some photos. Ooops. We forgot to publish photos of our own awards. But hey – tough luck. This is what happens to the fall guy who has to take the blame for everything. They stop caring. Sort of.