Now that the week is over I can report weird conversation of the week:

At around 11.30 pm a few days ago when both V and I were in bed, I decide to have conversation about money. I have decided I want separate savings.

My philosophy towards joint accounts has always been whaaaa? It’s not just that I think that man may take all my money and run off. I earn less than V so I also feel it is unfair for him to share with me. Why should his more be mixed up with my less? See I am really not cut out for marriage.

However, I landed up with a joint account because the perks that V gets on his staff account are incredible. And I was supposed to maintain separate account for savings. So some amount of what I earned is supposed to go into that account. Which happened at the start of the year but then I forgot about it.

So V tells me that we have savings but they are investments we made – together. So I am like: that’s very good but I still want my own savings.

So V is like – ok take 10 grand and put it in your savings. But I am like – no I want fixed amount every month.

Then when I start to calculate what I spend each month on myself + bills + holidays + one time payments like furniture (I already contribute to rent) I realise I might actually have to pay V. Which puts me in a stropping bad mood.

So V comforts me by saying that if I actually examine the bills every month it might not be that bad and I might actually be able to be saving something. But that is really a big pain in the arse. To go through all the bills every month, split them down the middle, substract my share from my salaray, take the remainder and put into my own account. Hmmm actually not so complicated.

But the problem is that I am too lazy to do that. Also it might be a farcical excercise because V will not help and I will be all insisting on him ratifying that I am not ripping him off.

My basic problem is that I am too bored to check our joint account (which is actually why I want to just forward a set amount to another account every month and let it lie there – which V says is very stupid but at least it’s there).

Now this is the crux of the matter…
V: What do you want it ‘there for
Me: Um… in case of any eventuality
V: What eventuality
Me: Errr… you know things happen
V: So you think I am going to run away with someone
Me: It could happen
V: So what’s your problem? You have a debit card.
Me: But what if you withdraw everything before I get to it. You’re faster than me at this stuff.
V: You actually think I would do that?
Me: Why not?

See this is my problem. I don’t trust anybody. V, on the other hand, is convinced that we are going to stay forever forever. I am convinced that we are. But I am not convinced that V is convinced. And so forth.

Other weird conversation of the week. I call MIL for the birthday
MIL: So you know V’s cousin is carrying (a baby)
Me: Oh ya… V told me (knowing what’s coming next)
Me: So are they happy?
MIL: They are happy but I am not happy. (Now this is a shocker).
Me: Why?
MIL: It’s too early for them to have a baby. They need to get settled in their life (tears of joy are springing to my eyes)
Me: Oh!
MIL: But when are you going to have a baby?
Me (sigh): Ask me after two years
MIL: Two! (I can see her marking the date in a mental calender)
Me (hastily): Okay five.
MIL: Don’t wait too long. You know it’s easier when you’re young. When you’re older there’s so much tension.
Me: First I need to find a job I like.
MIL: Anyway you and your husband decide (I almost fainted. Most sensible thing she’s said in years.)
Me: My husband wants to wait for at least five years.
MIL: Tell him his mother won’t be there in five years.
Me: Hahaha what rubbish. My grandmother’s 93.
MIL: Ya but you know in this generation we don’t live for so long. (which is the opposite of the truth)
Me: Hahaha that is totally untrue.
MIL (also laughing): Ok do whatever you want. (wow! she should be sent on birthday picnics every day of her life).