Realising that going into depression about my inability to find another job might actually cost me the one I actually have, I decided to snap out of it. Also the realisation that we are in September and I have a whole issue to produce NOW did the trick.

So since yesterday I have been working like a dog – with one lunch-break job interview that went well. But I don’t feel positive about the job – which is in finance again but promises better pay – because if I thought that our office was chaos, it seems like theirs is more. Only they seem to be doing better in terms of readership than us. Maybe because they pay for more experienced journalists – which is what I’m in it for, the pay.

But then the company which I really wanted to work for doesn’t seem to be working out – or so I thought until I got an email from one of their departments (I have applied to three departments in the same organization) just this very moment to come in for a second interview.

Dare I hope? Do I have the time to hope?

PS: I realised that on August 31 I hit 100 posts. Wee Hee!