And the big news of yesterday is:

I got offered a job. Yayyyy. So somebody actually wants me – other than my current boss. And I actually want them. This is a job I’ve always wanted to do but never taken the plunge. Now sheer desperation has forced me out of my comfort zone and it looks like it’s working out. Of course, now the doubts are creeping in:

1) What if they don’t pay me enough? Am I ready to give up the prospects of maha-money available in finance magazine (even though currently my pay is low and the job will definitely pay me more than what I am getting now? But will it meet my reserve? Should I remain open to the two other options available in finance)
2) The designation is a come down from the current one.
3) What if I can never think up enough enough story ideas? How am I to execute them?
4) It’s a newspaper. They work on public holidays.
5) Will they definitely let me go to Oz in December? They seemed kinda iffy though they said yes, unpaid in the end. I lied and said I am a bridesmaid. Do I now have to produce pics of me in bridesmaid gear?

This is your cue, dear reader, to allay my fears and possibly tell me to go for it.

All in all, yesterday was an eventful day:

1) I had lunch with two PR girls (they paid – I love it). Twas quite funny. PR girl asked me what food I liked and I said anything as long as it’s spicy so she booked Indian. So at appointed time I find my way to appointed place and cannot see any such Indian restaurant. But I do see two Chinese girls in the opposite restaurant smiling at me. Turns out the Indian restaurant has closed down. Though they still took down her booking – I’m sure it was some Indian guy trying to be funny but didn’t mention that.

We chose to eat Xinjiang cuisine. See this is what I love about HK – you get to discover all this new stuff. Had no idea what Xingjiang was – it is North West area of China where the people are a mix of Chinese, Turks, Kazaks, Kirgis and one more people. So the food is an eclectic mix of all their cuisines. Tis yummy – and spicey too. We had delicious hummus and pita, pickled cucumber noodles things, lamb with peppers and some glass noodles and abalone thing in a kadai. Soooo good.

2) Barely got back to office and had to leave for second interview at job (above). You know in advance what happened. I got it! Yayyy. I had a chat wiht the editor-in-chief who surprisingly is Chinese and not at all editor-in-chief looking. Very thin, soft spoken man. But I have total respect for him because he told me right out – hey, you don’t speak Canto, you’re going to have a lot of problems and also you know Hong Kong, it’s racist, you’re going to have to deal with that. This is the first time a local or even anyone except an Indian has said this. 20 points to him – I’m sure I might lose this regard later but hey, at least it’s something to start with.

3) Went out drinking with V and his friends after work. This is the first time I’ve gone to V’s office bar – I was pretty offended that he hadn’t asked me there earlier – and it was ok. The group of people he was with were really funny. We actually did what we would have done on a Friday night in India – gone out for a drink, moved on to a more hip place and then moved on for dinner where we hung around talking about such random stuff as butt-clenching when you have food poisoning on a bus ride. One of the girls had another three girlfriends there at the second place. They were English-born Chinese and it was weird because they had Chinese faces but were so like the rest of us, having girly conversations about how fucked up Hong Kong is. I love eavesdropping.