And the negotiations begin…

Did I mention that I am a poor negotiater? My tendency is not to negotiate at all – especially when the offer is kind of what I expected. Also V who is normally my cheerleader on these things was incommunicado at the time.

So I have to thank Curly for her counsel over gmail. Calculating the percentage raise I should go for (despite the fact that I am in a finance magazine I have not yet figured out how to calculate percentagees – a sign that I should move no?) and also the other benefits I should check.

Fat good it did me:

I take elevator 24 floors down to call HR girl: Hello G… I have a couple of questions about the offer.
HR girl: Yes sure
(large machine starts drilling the road)
Me: Um… let me call you back.

Scout around for quiet places to have this conversation. By the time I do, the phone rings into voicemail. Gah! Then when I least expect it, she picks up.
HR: Hello
Me: Hi I had a couple of questions…. So I was expecting more money and more leave…. is that possible
HR: Uh ok will check with my boss and get back to you.
(me vastly cheered…)
HR: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Um can you indicate when I should hand in my resignation
HR: I think once we have signed the contract then you can go ahead.

Duhhhh… If I was seriously negotiating why would I indicate that I am gung ho about joining. I am hoping that HR girl was duh-er.

But I guess not. Because after a good amount of time they call back and say “this is our final offer – hope you accept”. Hmph.

Then when I got back home have massive screaming fight with V because his advice is to play some form of double bluff and say “no I don’t accept the offer” and hope they come back for more. My last two experiences trying that resulted in the company1 ignoring me and company2 saying ‘was nice knowing you but we really can’t pay more’. Luckily I actually did not want those jobs. But to turn down job you actually want?

Anyway, when I got to office the next day I found note from my to-be-new-boss saying ‘you know I told you we couldn’t pay that and I hope you join anyway’. Hmmm nice to know. Wonder what would have happened if I did double bluff… But anyway, I have accepted the offer and now comes the bit of signing the contract and then resigning – I hate that bit.

For some reason I am delaying saying no to the other two jobs… The temptation to keep one’s options open is great.