So I had lunch with E yesterday. The first thing she says when we sit down is : “How can you leave me? How can you leave me?”

Almost immediately, however, it emerges that she in also trying to get out. She has a second interview with a company I thought of applying to but didn’t because I didn’t think they would hire me. But they’re apparently ok with hiring her.

And then she goes: “Is the newspaper you’re joining hiring?” and I am stunned for a moment – because there is an ad up for a books editor but I was not hired as an editor and I would be stunned if she got hired above me. I swear I would die. Finally I say: “You should check their website. They normally have ads up. I haven’t been checking.” Which is a lie because as soon as I get back to work I go online and check and there’s not only an ad for a books editor but also a travel editor – and either she or I could do that job. More more me than her – because she doesn’t have the experience – but I didn’t get hired for it, and now neither should she.

God I feel so petty. I love E, I really do, but there are some things one cannot live with and one of them is – when you’re already sensitive about the downgrade in designation – having someone who worked under you potentially being employed as your boss.