After a morning of frenetic cleaning coupled with sniping at V (who apparently is now keeping tabs on this blog so I’ll have to refrain from a mini-rant), ze cousins have arrived. From the evening before they arrived, V pointed out that he has never seen “such excitement”. Since it is my standard pose to be pessimistic and dour, this was literally the ‘spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion’ though I did not end up writing Daffodils or anything wonderful.

Instead I ended up going up and down in the elevator while cousins went up and down in a different one – resulting in a few sessions of missing each other until we landed on the same floor. They were totally surprised we did not have a car.

We spent the afternoon chatting and I made them dumplings which they liked – see this is what I like about cousins:

a) Mess does not faze them
b) Lived with them for two years so can sense, if not remember, what they like

In the evening we went to Soho for dinner which turned out to be more of a success than LKF which for the first time seemed wasted on a tourist. Yesterday the plan was to take a ferry to one of the outlying islands. But the weather was bad and the cousins were pooped from having not slept on the flight so we started out only at 3 and when we got there it was raining. The whole thing would have been like a wash-out except that we had a really yummy sea-food dinner. Then went to Stanley and got nice and high on vodka and almost bought a painting and shockingly nothing else.

Very nice peaceful trip where one does not wake up feeling sick and exhausted because cousins sleep a lot and are not keen on hopping about like mad. In fact, I was the one that was goading them into seeing more stuff.