Just to keep you interested, my lovelies, I will tell you about the productive things I did today:

1) Swept the floor and dusted mid-week
2) Made breakfast for V’s parents and washed the dishes. Wah!
3) Got to work on time owing to presence of V’s parents
4) Subbed one-and-a-half copy and gave headlines and blurb for two copies
5) Had lunch (could be counted as non-constructive)
6) Asked HR manager why he would deduct 7 days salary when I had taken less leave than the allowed amount.

Non-constructive things I did today
1) Woke up later than everyone else in the house
2) Vented (could be counted as constructive but I guess not)
3) Sat at work for 8 hours and did work only for a total of one hour
4) Blogged
5) Ate chocolate
6) Did not ask boss for reference letter