So just when I am beginning to think that I am the be all and end all of the universe, another error is spotted in the recent issue. This time it is courtesy ME. I don’t know if it is good or bad that this has happened when I am on my way out.

But the upside is:

1) The in-laws pale in comparison to sitting in office where everything is a reminder of THE ERROR. So for a few brief moments I actually felt like going home even though THEY were there.
2) My boss accepted it calmly and did not sack me on the spot. Not only is it good, in a twisted sort of way (because on-the-spot sacking couldn’t hurt much since I already have a job), but I have new respect for how he deals with all manner of crisis without saying wtf and hitting us on the head.
3) My new job, which I seemed to have lost interest in and was dreading since E’s friend told me the fashion editor there (who I hope I am not working under) actually made someone cry she is that mean, is now looking more appealing.

The complication is:
It’s a good thing that I did not manage to ask boss for a recommendation letter this morning. I doubt he would have written it right away and of course, now, this is fresh in his mind. But the point is, since he is travelling, when do I get this off him?