My first day of work was peaceful. I was sitting away from the boss so I could do my own thing. Nobody bothered me save for saying the initial hi. Nobody was extra chatty but neither was I. Had lunch with my old colleagues.

On the second day, however, the stress kicked in. I realised that what I had thought I would be doing at this job was not exactly what I had been hired for. I was being expected to write more news features stories than art features stories. My boss shot down all my ideas – I don’t mind being told this is not what we do, but I don’t like being scoffed at. I had a wholly sinking feeling and the onset of stress.

It got better later in the day when I had a more extensive chat. I lined up some ideas that we both thought acceptable. Now the stress of executing those ideas when I don’t really know anybody.

And now it turns out I’m going back to Shenzhen on a work-related thing that I can’t really seem to wiggle out of. The funny bit is that my bosses probably think they’re giving me a holiday while I think that I don’t want to go unless I get some work done there.

Gahhhh such stress!