Was fairly social. So social in fact that I haven’t blogged. Apart from the fact that I either have no time or am too keyed up at work to waste time. So what was I up to:

On Sunday last week: Watched Beowulf (yech!) with friends and then met up for the first time with the other half of my friend’s relationship. If you two are reading this, note that I am calling it a relationship as that’s what I was told it was. Could have been awkward given that we had never met each other and said friend wasn’t there to bridge the gap but it surprisingly wasn’t (20 points to said boy for meeting random friends of girlfriend in random city). Of course, copious amounts of alcohol does help things along.

On Monday last week: Recovered from Sunday.

On Tuesday last week: Attempted to go for a walk but didn’t.

On Wednesday last week: Ended up going drinking again. Colleagues of V – an odd mix of Indian and Korean which just didn’t. Mix that is. Indians in HK tend to crib about how the Chinese cling to each other and speak in Cantonese around people who can’t. So do Indians. It’s not just the language (Hindi – which could be exclusionary in itself) but the falling back on experiences that only they can relate to when there are silent, say, Koreans around.

On Thursday last week: Had coffee with Indian friend who will soon be leaving. It’s unfortunate that the people you genuinely like – who, though they are not really your type, are not compromise-friends either – leave. Hmph!

On Friday last week: Learnt that scheduling three interviews in a row is really ambitious. Scheduling a phone interview after that is even more so. Scheduling drinks with relationship of friend might seem even more so but actually isn’t because after a day like that you need to drink.

On Saturday last week: Went to ballet Giselle performed by Moscow City Ballet company in far-flung suburb of Tuen Mun. I insisted on dressing up but V refused to so I made him wear a jacket (leather) and then had to listen to him smirk because everyone else was dressed in jeans or even shorts. Really people should have some sense of ocassion. I’ve never been to a ballet before and I have to cconfess it was different from what I expected. I expected to be animated, instead I found it meditative maybe because it was so measured, even the fast bits. There was a lot of drama involved and I thought the music should have been a live orchestra. Anyway, at least that’s checked off my list of things to do.
After that, we ended up in the house of girl Thursday who is leaving. Party was full mostly of Indian friends who were don’t have that much in common with. When we arrived the guys were telling the story of how they met their wives. Some of them even got senti. V was forced to tell ours (I really should get around to telling that story – it’s pretty cute – but will save it for a rainy day as I have become want to do in real life). I found the whole thing pretty bizarre – that guys were actually wilfully doing this and in so much detail. Then all the guys started singing. I mean, this may be quite common for some people and probably rather fun too but I really haven’t been to such parties. Luckily, everyone left in about an hour and we could chat with the couple properly. Left at 3 am.

Sunday: Rather ambitiously V had planned on going for a hike with friends that luckily I had semi-cancelled on in advance. I mean, we want to lose weight and all but after the week that was – which included more partying than us smug marrieds are used to though a lot of people my age probably do it regularly – I knew it might just be too much, especially since V had a business trip in Korea the next day and since I am allergic to waking up after less than eight hours sleep. Unfortunately, V ended up straining his back doing some innocuous like picking up something from the floor which was kind of ironic since I wanted to save him from that by going on the hike.