Sometimes everything seems to be going just slightly wrong. For starters…

1) You think your story is due on Tuesday evening and then your boss comes, just as you are reading the article on Indian bloggers, and tells you it’s due on Tuesday morning which means you have to write it that night and it’s already six and you have a facial at six-thirty
2) You rush home from facial and try to call your husband who has taken himself off to Korea on work (hmph!) and you just cannot get through.
3) You go online to check the hotel number and it’s inexplicably elusive. You start to get a headache.
4) The hotel website opens and then the computer hangs and refuses to shut down, indicating that this is A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM
5) You take deep breaths refusing to panic and decide to just go into office early tomorrow and use the computer there.
6) You realise that you have lost your entry pass and therefore may not be able to enter the office without causing major ruckus. Your headache starts to get very bad.
7) Here’s where you take a few deep breaths before you turn house upside down in search for card while muttering prayers under your breath. God hears you and you locate the card inside the returned laundry. Which means your electronic pass went into the laundry. But nvm. It seems to be fine.
8) You decide to call it a day and go to bed, while letting the computer battery drain overnight and praying for it.
9) You wake up the next morning. The computer battery has died. You switch it on and it’s working perfectly. Thank you God.
10) You manage to write up your story and go to work. You send it to your boss. After many hours, your boss tells you she does not like the story. Hmph! BUT she cannot hold it because she’s dug herself into a hole and doesn’t have another story. Ha! BUT this means I know she’s going to be nag me more about story angles in the future. Gah!
11) I clarify future story angle with her and clear booking a photographer. After I done the booking, girl to be photographed calls and says can we change the time. Hmph!
12) I go back to change the time and realise that while it’s a pain in the arse to unbook, it’s a good thing I had to because I had actually made the booking for the wrong day.
And that’s why I believe there’s someone out there looking out for me because if there wasn’t, I’d be in complete SHITE.