And then the holiday was over. We flew back on the A380 which in itself was an experience. When people kept raving about how lucky we were to be flying on that plane, I didn’t really get it. A plane is a plane is a… isn’t it? Ok sure, it’s bigger. But is bigger always better. Well, in certain cases ;0 maybe.
In this case, yes. Maybe because it’s a new craft and so the service is extra special. There’s a different colour scheme for example. And there’s more leg space and a bigger TV and seemingly more TV choices. Next to the window seat there’s a compartment to store more stuff which used to be earlier only in business class. I’m not entirely in favour of this one because the window seat for me means the ability to lean somewhere and fall asleep. And I don’t think people need more space to store their junk anyway. People carry way too much stuff when they travel.
The achievement of this aircraft however is that it is extremely silent in take-off and landing, amazing for a plane of its size. Ultimately, though, you only realise the difference when you get into the normal craft for the next leg of your flight and feel like you just travelled business class.