It is now – according to me – freezing cold in Hong Kong. Yesterday, it was 12 degrees. I staggered around town huddled under the biggest coat I could find like an eskimo. Of course, eskimos would probably sniff at 12 degrees as apparently do many people in my office – largely white people – who were breezing around in T-shirts with not even a scarf in evidence.

And while the stockmarket continues to slide, the property market is soaring. This is a weird time to be househunting. Every 15 days that goes by could make a house HK$1 million more expensive. And these are ridiculously small houses, not always with a view, not always well connected to the MTR. You end up looking at 10 houses and thinking, our current house is better than all of them but now even our current house is pushing our budget. Hmph!

Annoyance of the week: V comes home and proudly announces that his bank has now granted men five days paternity leave. I immediately fly into a strop. FIVE days. What help are men supposed to provide in five days except feeling good about themselves that they are doing some token nappy changing? Why bother at all? V is quite smug about the whole opportunity to get five days more leave – as if bankers don’t already get much more leave than the rest of us mere mortals. Anyway, after ranting for about ten minutes and V being infuriantingly flippant as is his want, I go to office the next day and find that my newspaper has chosen this bit of news as the top story in the city section. Gah!

But on a happier note: TGIF!