Kind of ironic that I have to come all the way to Hong Kong to sample authentic Marathi cuisine. Well, of course I’ve had vada pav. But not much else.

So on Tuesday, I happened to sort of gate crash one of our friend’s lunch parties – in that she had invited some other friends over and not us and I happened to be in Central and called to ask what she was doing for lunch and she said ‘oh these guys are coming over… why don’t you also come?” It was so awkward because obviously the fact that we weren’t initially called over meant that we weren’t meant to be there but then she didn’t actually have to invite us on the spot either. God knows, I’ve not when I didn’t want to. But then I am shameless also – the problem is that I expect others to also be that way, shamelessly blunt that is. Anyway, I didn’t know what to say so said yes, thinking I would cancel later but then they ended up calling V and telling him to come to – that’s another odd thing, I didn’t know if he was invited or not.

I have to say though, the food was AWESOME. First of all, she made batata vada at home and actually managed to buy something called Scottish bread which is like pav. And then there was that masala they put on it. But apart from that – of which I consumed three thereby trumping all the guys also with my appetite but hey, I had skipped breakfast – there was also sabudana kichdi which I have never had before. Well, my mom has tried on occassion to force feed me sabudana as a child but it was generally some goopy stuff and I would refuse to eat more than two spoons. But this had some taste – especially if you put chilli on it. No I’m not being mean, I would actually consider eating that another time. I felt all virtuous after I ate it. Then there was poha which I have to say I’m not a fan of, and it was from a readymade packet.

But the vada… Sigh. It’s becoming harder to find vada like that on the street in Bombay, and to find it in someone’s home. I didn’t know people made stuff like that at home. Then again, I was amazed that people make dosa at home also and eat it regularly for breakfast.

Yesterday, was another spectucular lunch in a wine cellar in some godforsaken (read very beautiful and exclusive) suburb of Hong Kong. But it was worth the HK$100 or so I spent getting there and back (the lunch was free, yay) which I may not be reimbursed for because my office is so kunjoos. First of all the guy I was interviewing was very nice and very European and did the three-kiss thing – which I was so unprepared for, but thankfully there was no hit-n-miss smooching going on. The wine, of course, was awesome even though it was white. Yes, I had wine at lunch. And the food was amazing. I had a wonderful starter – kebab with some curry type dressing and some rocket leaves on top (it always amazes me when leaves taste good on their own) and then sea bass for the main. This is notable because only in Hong Kong will I voluntarily order fish – only certain preparations though, and never with bones. Bony fish is generally very, well, fishy.

That is all.