When the cat’s away, the mouse shall… well bond with the girls.

And so on Thursday night, I took a friend up on her offer of a girls night on the town. She’s been inviting me to these dos for some time now but if I can help it, I don’t drag myself off the couch. This time, however, the freezing cold and rain preempted work-related plans so I set off for The Annexe in LKF, which offers a 30% discount on wine for women during happy hour. How complex but let’s just say we drank a lot and paid very little.

The group consisted of:
1) Hot Korean marketing girl
2) German teacher
3) Belgian pyschologist
4) Chinese marketing head type
5) Chinese-Thai girl who had just published a manga comic
6) Indonesian air hostess
7) Moi
How eccletic and we all got on as well. I discovered:
a) It is possible to self-publish and still live to tell the tale
b) Even the Germans and Belgians are freezing in Hong Kong and so it is not lame for this Bombay-born to cower beneath the sheets every morning refusing to get out of bed.

As all girls nights inevitably do, this one landed up overflowing onto a boys night out. A French boys night out. Which means statements such as “Korean women are very sexy” are as abundant as the champagne. The funny thing about French boys is that they talk constantly in French assuming but not really caring that nobody else understands, but I do. Then at some point, they discover this and gape and marvel at the wonder of an Indian who speaks French. I always trot out my ‘when I was in Paris, I would speak to people in French and they would reply in English story’ just so that they can reconfirm that this was only because the stunned French person was so delighted by my language skills that they were shocked into speaking English rather than the much larger possibility that my French sucks.

I hate champagne but it does go down so easily no? Especially when someone else is paying for it. Someone who is only momentarily nonplussed that you are married and then quickly resumes flirting.