Friday night I had another girly evening. Friend had generously offered to adopt me for the night so we planned to watch 27 Dresses and then go over to her house for a night of chat and wine. It turns out she is a really scatty girl and 27 Dresses was booked out so we ended up meeting at IFC for a drink. But of course, being in IFC meant that we had to nip into Mango, French Connection, Zara (where I bought a cute jumper for new niece – expensive but then what’s the point of having a niece if you can’t spoil her I say, especially since she is practically the first baby in the world I have displayed any interest in).

Ok now weird part is that the big Indian gang had been emailing all day scheduling a meet-up and I had been ignoring those emails. And when we walk into Union Bar and Grill in IFC, the most unlikely place ever for anyone to pick, who do we see? Right, TBIG. That was when bitchy comment of the evening was delivered.

Guy from TGIB to friend: Oh they were just bitching about you…

Friend: Oh! why? what did I do

Girls from TGIB (obviously embarassed): No no, we were not.

Me: I’m offended that you were not bitching about me

Girl from TGIB: That’s because you don’t hang out with us enough.

Me (in head): Muhahahaha.

Me (out loud): Haha

Anyway, to add insult to injury friend and I choose to sit at separate table and bitch a bit about TGIB. TGIB then moves to bigger table and asks us to join them but we stay put. When we’re leaving we go over to say bye, and they’re leaving too but instead of joining them we scoot off. To be fair, I was really tired.

At friend’s house we eat awesome Indian food and attempt to watch some Ethan Hawke movie but I fall asleep feeling guilty about not being a proper girl-bonder. The weather is freezing but friend has these awesome heater thingies that we keep dragging with us everywhere. I even get one in my bedroom so that for the first time in weeks, when I get into bed, I’m not freezing.

Note to self: Buy heater.

Next morning, it’s cold and rainy and since I’m so far away from where I live, I feel like I’ve escaped to some resort location. The wonders of a cook mean that we have baida roti for breakfast. We decide to go for 27 Dresses, which we are late for. This is movie only to be watched with girls. After that, we end up back in Union Bar and Grill where I eat an awesome linguine. Then it’s back to friend’s house for dinner with some other people. Weird thing is – the people you think are weird turn out to be nice and the nice ones turn out to be weird. Go figure!

PS: I know this was a boring post. But I had to write it.