I have:
1) Spent a couple of nights at the historic Taj Mahal hotel which my husband has become so high-fi that he sniffs at and says ‘is not that nice’. It’s true though – the Four Seasons in Bangkok is better. But the view from the little balcony is amazing – it is exactly the Bombay I want to remember, a combination of historic old buildings, dilapidated chawls, factories and the sea.
2) Gone out clubbing with my friends on MONDAY night. Started at Soul Fry where awesome green chilli prawn was consumed while we bitched about those not present. Then carried on to China House – very hip place in Grand Hyatt – where it turned out the ex of one of my friends is the manager and so free drinks were in order. Also, shamelessly at the end of it he asked ‘are you hungry’ and I unconvincingly said ‘no’ which he knew meant yes so he took us to the hotel and fed us pizza and footed the bill. Which was a good thing because China House and its environs are v.expensive and I am at the the borrowing money from parents stage because I have forgotten the pin number of all my India debit cards and cannot be bothered to have the banks resend them.
3) Had blissful facial, mani and pedi but paid so much I’m wondering why I don’t just get this done in Hong Kong. Cheaper but marginally.
4) Had a gynac exam. Don’t ask why. Only be warned – it hurts. How people go through this regularly and culminate in squeezing a whole child out of there I don’t know.
5) Visited to Kala Ghoda festival. Was a glorified shopping trip because most of the performances were over. Ended up having a long conversation with guy who makes objects out of a single wire – he said; “You know those artists in the gallery. They rob all my ideas and don’t even give me any credit”. I am now the proud owner of a bicycle, frog and puzzle maid of wire.
6) Been befriended by my cousin’s children and as usual was stunned when they hugged me. I am constantly amazed at how kids like me despite myself.
7) Acquired a cold and cannot go partying today. Hmph!
8) Realised I miss V even when I’m surrounded by other people. When he left for Bangalore today, I hugged him at the airport and said “don’t go”. Luckily, he also looked like he was going to miss me. Sigh.