Lame as it is, I have realised that I am dull without V. It’s sort of like that Nora Jones song Turn Me On.

Technically, I had only three days on my onesome but I just had such a disoriented feeling. I couldn’t work. All I wanted to do was hide under a blanket. I spent the days putting one foot in front of another in a haze.

This is part return-from-holiday syndrome, part missing-family-in-India but also part missing-V. Because on Wednesday, when V came back I suddenly woke up. I still feel kind of dismal about work but it’s better. Instead, I sat on the couch and chatted non-stop much to V’s amusement.

People asked me what I was doing for Valentine’s Day yesterday. Actually, I had work planned after work until the guy cancelled on me because his ‘wife reminded him it was Valentine’s Day’. My husband had resigned himself that for the sake of mental peace, work will come first.

I am not big on Valentine’s day gift giving though I have to admit that with my first boyfriend I was. I wanted to be part of all the fuss. I appreciate gestures – but it doesn’t matter what they are. I think a day when couples remember to be nicer to one another and when people – friends and family – celebrate love is not a bad idea, despite the plastic hearts. I just want the day to be acknowledged and get an extra couple of kisses.

Since both V and I are ill, we cannot eat anything special. We just sat around, very close together and watched the comedies. We cuddled. Then we went to bed and all the joys it brings.

Not a bad day.