Is it possible to spend two whole days on a single couch, only rising for meals and the loo? Yes, it is, if you have one other person and a TV.

To be fair, we started Saturday on a promising note by meeting one of V’s friends for breakfast at Flying Pan. I was breaking my fast – for a whole week I had eaten only toast, banana and a limited quantity of soup noodle. My tummy had flattened and I was growing used to always being hungry.

However, breakfast put an end to all that with a bang. I ate cheesy omelette stuffed with ham and green peppers, salad, lyonais potatoes, buttery toast and a glass of lemonade. I tried to not eat the whole thing and to chew slowly but it’s still as fatty as hell, isn’t it?

We strolled around Causeway Bay for a bit and then came home where we situated ourselves on the couch where we remained all afternoon and evening. We thought we might watch a movie in the evening but there weren’t actually any movies we wanted to see and I thought it might be better to save that for the next day because it looked like Sunday was destined to be relegated to the couch as well.

Which it ended up being.

We woke up on Sunday, had a spot of breakfast and started on the sitcoms. After Less Than Perfect and The Office, we dosed off again. I got up to catch two episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, and briefly stepped out to buy groceries where I noted that the weater was beautiful. I then exerted myself to cook some dal which we ate for lunch.

What it turned out to be was a massive movie watching sessions. Over the weekend, we watched:
1) Half of a bad copy of Disturbia – about a teenage boy under house arrest who starts spying on a neighbour who he believes is a serial killer. Whether he actually turns out to be a serial killer we never found out because the CD kept skipping and finally we gave up.
2) Watched the second half of Little Miss Sunshine – don’t worry, have watched the whole thing before and know it’s amazing. Even V thinks so.
3) Watched most of Capote – quite an amazing film but mainly because it was so literary.
4) Half of Garfield – a tail of two kitties: Have watched before, it’s quite funny.
5) Jumper – new film which dragged V to just so that we get out of the house.