That on Monday there was a lion dance in the office. It’s that traditional Chinese thing where two guys wear the costume and a lot of other guys stand around banging on drums and cymbols, making a lot of noise while we all stand around open mouthed.

I could hear a din around the entrance and was so curious because although I’ve been here for nearly two years now I’ve always missed the parades. But everyone else in my department was being so blase. So under the guise of getting water, I strolled over to the cooler and tried to spot the lion/dragon (not sure which). But it had gone into Marketing and I could only see the drummers.

I was just thinking how lame the people in our department are when the lion came our way. It was nice to see everyone get so excited. Just goes to prove that everyone loves a parade. And we are just kids at heart at the end of all our posturing. I, for one, was so excited!

It made me think how boring life would be without these traditions. The fact that they have survived centuries makes them more special. It reminds me of what a friend once said when there was a big upheaval in uni about pooja being conducted in the library – although she was an atheist, she loved the traditions and festivals because life would be so grey and boring without them.

And speaking of festive, my hair is now red. Despite the stylist’s (in Mumbai) promise to be subtle, it is pretty damn obvious. I’ve had red before but this time there’s brown too and rather than toning down, somehow the effect is more dramatic. To be frank, not sure if I love it – maybe I’m not a red-streak person anymore, which is sad. But I’m trying to be brave and grow into my hair.