This weekend was one of those wasteful ones. Wasteful of time I mean.

On Saturday morning I woke up at the home of Indian friend and had some more pav bhaji for breakfast and found that I could not make an easy escape. Because I understand completely the desire to not be left alone in the house, I stayed on and got my arms waxed and my eyebrows shaped by a Punjabi woman who comes home.

I then made my way to my own home across town and found V on the couch and some biryani in the fridge. That’s all we really needed. In the evening we ventured out to the park, then got take-out and just sat in front of the telly.

The most eventful thing we did on Sunday was wait for the helper to turn up. A new helper because the old one decided she wanted a life and so didn’t want to do part time work on Sunday. Fair enough but it turns out that my good impression of Filipino helpers was due to her attention to detail where mine was lacking which the current helper doesn’t possess.

But it was a beautiful day – and after staring out of our window at the mountain opposite I succumbed to its verdant call (and V’s pleas) and consented to a hike. I surprised myself being able to plod up the slopes despite being on antibiotics.

By now I was determined not to be indoors any longer so once we it got dark and we headed home, I insisted on going out for dinner. We went to Golden Myanmar, a hole-in-the-wall Burmese place in Wan Chai recommeded by HK Mag. The food is not cheap but it’s good. We had tea leaves fried rice and pickled pork curry (which was awesome).

It’s run by the manager of another Burmese restaurant that closed down – and you can see a mix of fatigue and hard work writ large on his face. Although he was very polite and the service was good, he handled all the tables and the place got quite full after a point. Both V and me couldn’t help feeling a twinge of sadness.

Apparently, Burmese cuisine is one of the few SE Asian cuisines that has not done well in Hong Kong. But this little restaurant has somehow survived with a bit of support from the Burmese embassy and the food is good so I hope it’s here to stay.

Came home and watched some more TV before the weekend ended and we went back to the grind.