On Saturday, it poured. I had my first real experience of the Hong Kong typhoon. Though there’s been a higher typhoon signal before, I’ve never seen such wind and rain together. Or maybe it feel like such a long time since bad weather that I don’t remember it. Winter, thanks to climate change, lasted blessedly longer (and was colder) this year than ever before.

Anyway, the typhoon meant that a whole day was spent indoors watching the rain in wonder and being startled by doors banging and thunder. At around 5.30, I went downstairs to forage for food and realised that there are quite a lot of people out there, and of course, the shops were open. Conveniently, at 7.45 the government raised the ‘black rain’ signal by which time the poor people who had to go to work had probably left anyway.

The jury is still out on whether it’s preferable to be at work during bad weather or have your weekend wasted by it.

* * *

Thankfully, the weekend kind of rescued itself on Sunday with the sun emerging although not enough for the racecourse to hold races. Instead, we headed to the Chi Ling monastry which was built in Kowloon with a flurry of donations in the Tang style.

You can get there by going to Diamond Hill MTR, walking under a few freeways and emerging in the most wonderful Chinese garden. Once you’re away from the cars whooshing by overhead, it’s like you’re in a different world. Extremely calming to just wander around looking at bonsais and lotus ponds. We even paid to see an exhibition of wood carvings. Unfortunately, the nunnery itself was closed but the tea-house wasn’t. You can sit there and eat dim sum while looking out of a water fountain.

Then, despite my aching throat, we carried on to our friend’s place where we started on the whiskey. We continued the drinking down at The Place at Kennedy Town and rounded it off with Thai dinner. So a weekend that started slow but ended up very hectic. It’s the kind of weekend I like but V says it’s too much for him.

* * *

On Monday, I woke up from a deep sleep and immediately felt sick in the pit of my stomach because I realised I had to go to work. Then, I felt V’s hand of my tummy and was somewhat soothed. If I could just survive the work day, I could come home to him. He really is the best part of my day.