In keeping with my vow to blog as I think, I just remembered two random bits of conversation to which I could only react in my head:

I – “I tend to watch only the movies that make it to the Oscars, you know the slightly intellectuals ones that don’t come into the mainstream.”
Huh? Oscar films always make it to the mainstream. In fact, part of the lobbying for an Oscar is to push a film’s commercial success. While some of the Oscar films are more well-made and thought-provoking than the regular drivel, they can scarcely be called intellectual. There are a number of parallel cinema films that are truly pushing boundaries but they sure as hell don’t make it to mainstream awards like the Oscars. Or maybe it’s me just being a snob in thinking that anything mainstream is probably not overly intellectual.

II – “You’re hard to please, aren’t you?” (The context being that I said I get bored doing both classes and treadmill in the gym and that I would rather run outside).
Um, since when did going to the gym become the only and best way to exercise. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to want to run outside. I know, I know concrete ruins your kneecaps but mine are fine thank you, maybe because I don’t have the bulk of a big body weighing them down. How come African marathon runners are able to do long distances without shoes? Or are they all kneecap deprived down the line? Why has technology become so natural that people forget that doing without is actually the way nature intended it.