People while hating their jobs also want to make it sound impressive.
So instead of saying ‘I am a cold calling market research/data entry person’ they will say ‘I am on the data maintenance side of things’. Then go on to crib how mind numbing their job but carefully avoiding specifying exactly what it is they do.

Everyone fancies themselves a film critic. Which is not to simply say ‘I liked this film’ or not but to pretend to be an authority.
Had another conversation with the person from my earlier conversation. This person calls me and asks me how a film was ‘because the reviews gave it a C’. The reason the reviews gave it a C is because ‘it was not faithful to the book’ and because ‘if you didn’t know the history, you would not enjoy the film’.
I am surprised that professional film critics can make such mundane remarks. While the average Joe might come away feeling disappointed that a film did not convey everything he/she loved about the book – and my theory is that crap books make good films – a critic should understand that a film is an independent entity and does not exist to faithfully hold up a mirror to the book it alludes to. Well, maybe in the case of all-time classics but not in the case of few-moth-tested historical potboilers.
With regard to the film not providing historical background, I disagree too. The historical event around which the film is spun should be common knowledge to all who are not brain dead. To those who are, a bit of Wiki beforehand would do the trick. The film side-steps the main historical event, drawing it’s inspiration from the book which itself presents conjecture and not fact. I have no problem with that except with people who come to the cinema with the expectations of being presented with fact without doing any prior or post-screening reading.
I wondered whether I should bother but since this person displayed a modicum on intelligence, I gently observed that all reviews are subjective and it’s possible to disagree. To which said person replied that she tended to only watch films which are reviewed because she tends to like off-beat films. (like Oscar winning films). Hmmm. But instead of watching for herself, she allows someone else to pre-select and rates them. It’s an odd kind of control freak who cannot take a chance on even entertainment without covering all odds and then fancies that as intellectual.
Arrgh! Ok clearly this is really irritating me.

You figure out who your friends are by the people who indulge you even though even you know you are being a baby and do not deserve to be indulged.
My alone-time has separated the friends from the people I needn’t bother with in the future. The friends are the people who kept me company even though I’m not a frequent caller. As I said, most of the people I’m friends with in Hong Kong may not be natural choices for friendship back home. If that’s the case, I really don’t need to bother with the ones that can’t send an email or sms back if they don’t want to meet you. That said, I acknowledge that I’m a shitty friend (to people out here) and am not always accessible unless you clearly state that you need me. But at least if you did, I would not refuse.