Single Indian friend: I love this city. I wish I could live here forever. There’s so much going on all the time. It just gives me the freedom to be a single person. I can eat in restaurants alone without people staring, wear anything I please and get home alone at odd hours. And I can have a helper and an Indian cook.

Single Korean friend: This is a very nice city and the expat community is very friendly and close-knit. I don’t like the locals though. They are very rude and materialistic. I just can’t trust them.

British girl who moved to HK after a year in Bombay: I found HK hard to adjust to after from Bombay. Out there, the expat community is not really large so you’re not treated like a foreigner. You get immersed in the local scene quite quickly. It took me some time to accept that that’s not the case here.

Long-time HK resident and Indian friend1 who just visited Singapore: I was struck by how friendly people are there and how they’re all comfortable with English. They’re more used to Indian people too. I can’t be completely comfortable in a place where it’s so hard to talk to Chinese people.

Long-time HK resident and Indian friend2: There are rude taxi drivers everywhere even in Bombay. Having been here for 12 years, I can tell you that they are much improved. There was a time when they wouldn’t even let you in. As for racism, it exists everywhere and it’s much worse in a lot of other places compared to HK. So you weigh the pros and cons.