Were more like the wonder-what-we-were-thinking years.

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me over the last two weeks – except for an rejuvenated sex life – is that a friend uploaded photographs of us in college. There we were in all our gawky glory – replete with permanent bad hair days that we thought was cool because we wore it as short as possible and baggy clothes we thought made us tough. The giggles and silliness that made those days memorable are writ large, we’re captured posing in our pajamas and sweaty in the days when house parties still meant dancing.

Now, much older if not wiser or thinner, most of us are looking better. We’ve discovered who we are or at least who we want to be and that reveals itself not only in the shrugging off of 90s fashion but also in sticking to a hairstyle and clothes that actually suit us. As one friend said, like fine wine, we’ve aged well. As Curly pointed out, the grapes were good too and what’s even more remarkable is that almost decade after those girly days, we’re still around – the lot of us, meeting up when we’re in the same country, going dancing and giggling and ribbing each other, our very own Sex and the City story.